Advanced Spam Filter & Virus Protection

If you really want a robust solution for keeping spam out of your inbox, this is the way to go. For just $4.95/month for your primary domain you will get:

  • Robust Filtering
  • Virus Scanning
  • IP Blocking
  • Spam Quarantine

Email Defense Incoming Filtering Service

Email filtering is the procedure of separating legitimate email from unsolicited bulk email, also referred to as spam, with the help of advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern detection methods. Email Defense offers such a solution, tailored to the needs of web hosts, ASPs, SMBs and enterprises. Email Defense’ inbound anti-spam system offers full inbox protection, helps increasing network-level protection, while giving end-users maximum control, email continuity, and saving human and network resources:

How Are Incoming Emails Filtered with Email Defense?

Re-routing of email through the filters

The Email Defense inbound spam filter is a gateway solution. Activation is outstandingly easy and goes via one of the various webhosting plugins freely available, or via a simple DNS adjustment. Once the MX-records are changed, all inbound email first goes to the Email Defense system, is filtered, and then relayed to the unchanged destination mailservers of your clients. You can be spam and virus free, literally, in less than five minutes


The actual filtering of the messages can be done in the highly redundant Email Defense Hosted Cloud or locally on your own hardware through the Local Cloud product. Both deployments are SaaS solutions fully managed, maintained, and 24/7/365 monitored by Email Defense.

Email Spam Filter

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